Travel to the heart of beauty

 Beauty recipes from the world. The cosmetic techniques of today are combined with ancestral knowledge to provide you with an authentic and natural beauty, respectful of your nature. 


A wide range of natural products, paraben free, for professional beauticians: exfoliating scrubs, deeply nourishing body wraps and massage oils are associated through ancient beauty rituals from...

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Secrete Amazonia

A mesmerizing and deeply revitalizing beauty ritual

 Go deep into the heart of the Amazon forest, mysterious and magical.

Its luxuriant nature is an amazing source of life with treasures of cosmetic virtues, secrets passed on by local tribes.

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Emotions Africa

An energizing trip to the heart of Africa and its beauty secrets

The bodycare Emotions Africa is based on a contact with a certain rustic characteristic leading to a taste of authenticity. 

In Africa, massage techniques come from traditions, passed on in families and villages. 

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Harmony Asia

Open the gates to Asia and discover beauty through the path of the Zen

The massage is based on Shiatsu, meaning pressure on energy points “on the lines”.


Thus, here we do not or very little knead the muscles, but we press a point long enough and in a precise order following the traditional techniques. 

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